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D Series Diesel Engine for Genset

The D series industrial diesel engine for commercial generator was designed as part of a joint operation between SDEC and Austria AVL. We produced a reinforced design and 4-valve upgrade in 2005 when we cooperate with The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). All parts are designed and checked according to 295kW outputs and it has an applicable power range of 185-266kW with a large reliability margin. The engine provides good fuel economy and this is the most technically advanced engine in China. It has been selling well for over 20 years, with production of more than 1 million sets. This is the idle matching power for 150-200 kW generator sets.


Outline dimensional drawing


Technical parameters


  • Adopting four valves structure, high strength cylinder block and integral cylinder head design, the key components adopt international first-class brands, resulting high reliability and efficiency.
  • Following SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standard and ensured by the German Volkswagen engine quality control system, the engine is of high quality and good consistency.
  • The whole structure adopts integral parts design, so the parts number is 20% less than the traditional diesel engines, with simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  • Without intake air heating auxiliary device, the cold starting temperature is -10℃. And the starting temperature with auxiliary device is 30℃. The environmental adaptability is strong.
  • This engine meets Off-Road China II emission standard.