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SC25G Diesel Engine for Genset

The SC25 industrial diesel engine for commercial generators is a product featuring upgraded components on our 12V135 diesel engine for generator sets. The upgrades have resulted in improved reliability, durability, efficiency, vibration, and noise output. Most components of this series of engine can be used with the original engine models. It is the first choice for matching the power for 350-550kW generator sets and it is manufactured according to SAIC Motor manufacturing standards.


Outline dimensional drawing

L: 1930mmW: 1686mmH: 1872mm

Technical parameters


  • The integral crankshaft adopts non-quenched and tempered steel and all the sealing gaskets are improved so as to increase the reliability of the diesel engine.
  • The symmetric designs of dual pumps and dual oil pumps improve the cooling and lubricating capacities and reduce the water tank size. It is applicable to various environments with different ambient temperatures.
  • The exhaust pipe is changed into a two-stage assembly and the sealing structure is optimized, which reduces leakage probability. The air inlet pipe is changed as casting structure.
  • Redesigning the fuel pipeline resulted in improving layouts of other peripheral pipelines and air filters. With this protection design, the layout is reasonable and the appearance is more industrial.
  • A cracking connecting rod makes it convenient to maintain.
  • This series engine satisfies Off-Road China II emission standards.