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H Series Diesel Engine for Genset

The H series diesel engine is a jointly designed unit between SDEC and UK Ricardo. We referred to the demands of the Chinese market combined with proven technology to develop a new and outstanding product. Adopting a GDPD development process, this series of engine is a world-class power platform created by following SATC Motor manufacturing standards. The H series engine offers a compact structure, wide power range, high reliability, efficiency, and low vibration and noise. The idle matching power ranges from 50-150kW for generator sets.


Outline dimensional drawing


Technical parameters


  • Adopting four valves structure, high strength cylinder block and integral cylinder head design, the key components adopt international first-class brands, resulting high reliability and efficiency.
  • Following SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standard and ensured by the German Volkswagen engine quality control system, the engine is of high quality and good consistency.
  • The whole structure adopts integral parts design, so the parts number is 20% less than the traditional diesel engines, with simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  • Without intake air heating auxiliary device, the cold starting temperature is -10℃. And the starting temperature with auxiliary device is 30℃. The environmental adaptability is strong.
  • This engine meets Off-Road China II emission standard.